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Stop Wasting Time On My Dime!

Stop Wasting Time On My Dime!

I have been a business owner for 35 years and my greatest pet peeve is when employees waste time on my dime! This is becoming an epidemic as I see it everywhere I go.  For example, you are at the store looking for something, and you need help, you see two employees chatting about something unrelated to their work. They may be chatting about the movie they saw the night before or an event or their boyfriend…they could be gossiping and chatting about other employees and they are doing it right in front of you!  I am in the store needing help and they are busy being unproductive with their time and ignoring the fact that I need help and my purchase helps them have a job!


Or, you are at the cash register and you want to check out, but the clerk is on the phone talking to someone, again unrelated to his or her work. You are standing there waiting for the clerk to get off the phone so you can go about your business to other important matters. It bothers me to see this happen in the work place and yet it happens more often than it should.


Employers are either not paying attention or unaware this is going on in their business or yet they are the ones spending the money to pay people to work. Management is also unaware or they are just too busy to notice, or they know it but don’t care, however, what’s worse than that is management is also wasting time.


This book points out the problems with the workplace and how employees today do not value their job as in years past. Even with the unemployment rate as high as it is, there are many employees that do not have good work ethics. I share some of the stories that businesses, including my own, have gone through and our efforts to groom these employees to be better workers.


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Kathleen Frank - Stop Wasting Time On My Dime! (Coming Soon)


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