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I’m Fat And Nobody Cares

The stares, the mocking laughter, the hurt, and the pain; this is one woman’s journey of learning that being fat really does matter to everyone.  In “I’m Fat and Nobody Cares”, Kathleen Frank tackles the many issues that face people who battle obesity and the reasons why they do.

Through her own battle and heartbreak, Kathleen attempts to uncover the roots of this rampant issue and bring to light the pain that she and many others have experienced through weight gain. She sheds light on the real reasons why many people have become obese and how there is hope for them.

Through a rough childhood, two bumpy marriages with one ending in an affair that changed her life forever, Kathleen details her own struggle of weighing over 330 pounds and how through the love of Christ and the practical implementation of His Word in her life she has been able to come to terms with her weight and believe God for a miracle.

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Kathleen Frank - I'm Fat and Nobody Cares [Paperback]


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