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A House Divided Cannot Stand

There is so much division in the world. This division causes hatred, discord, murder, and blessings cannot flow when there is division. This book discusses division in several areas; in our home, our friendships, church, religion, our community and government and our world. If we can unite as a cohesive body act as the human beings we are, we can accomplish so much together. There is a way to live with diversity without having to live with division. We can debate and agree to disagree, but if we can find a few areas where we have common ground, we can accomplish so much to better each other, ourselves and our world. This book will relieve the areas we are divided and how it has affected everything around us including ourselves. We can live with more joy more peace and more unity if we only try a little harder. Of course there are some that will go against the grain and do whatever they can to cause division, they thrive on it, but they are the minority. Unity is power and power accomplishes great things. Together we can do it!!


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Kathleen Frank - A House Divided Cannot Stand (Coming Soon)


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