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He Created Me

God does not make mistakes; He created each one of us uniquely. Most people live their life never knowing God’s plan for them. They live day to day in “survival mode” instead of living in the joy and freedom God desires for them.  You were created for an appointed time; God gave you your parents, and had predestined your life way before you were knit in your mother’s womb. You may have asked yourself, “What is my purpose?” “How am I supposed to live my life?” “What is God’s will for me?” “I’ve have been so off base how will God ever accept me now?” “Where do I start?” …these and more questions may have plagued your mind. I want you to know that God will take you from where you are at and make something wonderful happen for you. Yes, we get off track, everyone has done so, but God knew this before you were even a thought in your parent’s mind, but you in God’s eye you were never off track you were on His mind all the time.


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Kathleen Frank - He Created Me (Coming Soon)


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