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How to Overcome Painful Memories

painful memoriesWe all have painful memories that make us want to hide from our past forever. Unfortunately, life is a bittersweet combination of joy and suffering – most of the time, suffering outweighs the joy. Our unpleasant experiences can leave intrusive emotions in their wake. However, we should face these painful memories head on or they will consume our entire being. It may take some time for us to do this; but with determination and the healing power of letting go, we will cope with our past and move on to greater joys that life has to offer.


Face the Problem and Let Go

Suppression is never a solution. It only delays the problem until it gets too much for us to handle. Talking to someone that we trust can help us accept the painful memories that we have. If we think that we are not ready to talk about it, we can write our feelings down on a journal – writing is very therapeutic. We just have to find a way to let our feelings out.

After sharing our experience, we can now let go. Letting go of our experiences, may it be good or bad, means accepting that it was not our fault. Every experience is meant to teach us a lesson. Instead of looking at things negatively, we should see it as an opportunity to learn something new. We needed this experience in order to advance to where we really need to be in life.


Allow Peace to Enter Our Being

We should try to create a mantra that relates to our experience and the lesson that we have learned from it to allow peace to enter our being. A painful memory of abuse may have a mantra like this one: From the experience of being abused, I am learning to be a stronger and braver individual who will never allow anyone to abuse me again.

Remembering our mantra can help us find peace and calmness in our life. We should never let negativity live inside us because it will only hinder us from letting go. Acceptance will help us live in peace.



We should learn to forgive the people who have wronged us. This is a big part of letting go and moving on. If we hold on to grudge and let anger fill our hearts, we will never find our inner peace. Our painful memories will just continue to haunt us and gravely affect the person that we are today.