Monthly Archives: December 2012

Looking for Volunteers!

Restoration Life Foundation is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in helping to be a part of changing girls and women’s lives who suffer from the emotional trauma of sexual abuse and molestation.   We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time to make phone calls to local churches, women’s organizations, counselors, and other non-profit organizations or schools that would consider having our founder, Kathleen Frank, speak about her abuse and offer hope and restoration.  Please contact us at  or call at 1-866-350-LIFE (5433) if you are interested in volunteering your time for our cause.

Share Your Story

Every month we will share a story written by someone who has suffered from sexual abuse. Here is this month’s story:

If you would like to share your story, please send an email to; it will remain completely anonymous if you choose.

The more stories people share, the more people who are ashamed and afraid are willing to talk about their fear, which is a key function to the beginning of restoration.

Share your story, and help save lives.