Monthly Archives: October 2012

Book Signing at The Brass Unicorn

My first book signing experience was wonderful.  People who I have never met came and I was able to answer questions and share my experience with them and I also learned a little about some of the women who attended too! A big thanks to The Brass Unicorn in Fresno’s Tower District!!!  The room was perfect and the atmosphere inviting.  The shop featured so many different things that are beneficial to one’s well being, such as books on meditation, prayer and self help, journals, incense, beautiful clothing, crafts and much more.  The employees and the owner were both inviting and kind, and welcomed me back again.  

Although there wasn‘t a huge turnout, it was nice to be able to share experiences with the ladies that did come.  I took this as a learning experience, and am looking forward to my next signing!!!

Relaxation by the River Tea Luncheon

A BIG thanks to Nathaniel Moore with AGAPE Financial Planning Partners for inviting me to speak at the Relaxation by the River Professional Women’s luncheon.  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting other business professionals in the Fresno area.  Next time I will be sure to send invitations to all of my contacts so there will be a full house, because it was too beautiful to miss!  Thanks again Nate and AGAPE for having me, it was an honor speaking about my book and non-profit organization, Restoration Life Foundation.  Through knowledge, understanding, and with one foot toward the right direction, we can make a difference!